• Lanas y telas

    A customized doll. I loved Erica since I saw her for the first time on the site. I wanted to customize her with some glasses. Roser was delighted to make them and the result could not have been better. The final result was great!

    Gema B.B.
  • Muñecas deRoser

    Dolls of my childhood.Las muñecas deRoser are dolls that has marked our childhood. They are so much more than dolls! They are made with great care and dedication, and they can delight anyone who takes them in their hands.

    Alicia L.S.
  • muñecas deRoser

    Everyone asks about my doll. I am delighted with my doll, she has not left anyone indifferent. It is a success.

    Rosario S.M.
  • Muñecas deRoser

    A doll made for me. I have always liked rag dolls, but I never thought to find one that was unique and exclusive for me. No one is going to have one equal to mine. Besides, she is a redhead like me, so it seems that she was made just for me. Every time I see her, it makes me smile! I love!

    Chusa C.S.
  • muñecas deRoser

    A unique gift. I decided to make a gift that was something unique and different. When I received it, I saw the doll and its presentation and I was told about the process that entails making it (materials, work time...). That is how I was sure I was going to get it right. The result exceeded my expectations. It was a success.

    Mario V.G.

Handmade dolls


Las muñecas deRoser are handmade dolls, made by taking care of every detail during their process of creation. They are exclusive dolls with their own history, hobbies, dreams and Name, making each one of them unique.


Las muñecas deRoser are made the traditional way. They are handmade rag dolls made with the best quality selected materials chosen one by one (fabrics, buttons, wool...). That way, they can be with you for a long time.


You can buy the doll you like the most from our list of already created dolls, or you can create your own dreamed customized doll, by choosing every single detail in her.


Las muñecas deRoser are unique and endearing gifts for every special date as Christmas or Birthdays and each of them is different from the rest.