handmade dolls

for Mother's day

Handmade dolls ‘las muñecas deroser’ are a special and unique present for Mother’s day.

gift doll for mothers day

Why Unique? Because there are not two dolls that are the same. Every handmade doll ‘las muñecas deroser’ has her own name, story, personality, hobby and style. This makes your handmade doll unique and exclusive to you.

Why Special? ? Because ‘las muñecas deRoser’ are made entirely by hand, and created one by one with all the love they deserve. Every detail is thought out with great care. The hairstyle, eye color, name and hobby are chosen especially for her.

dolls gift for mother and mothers day

Materials of the best quality have been used to handmade elaborate them. The quality is something important for ‘las muñecas Roser. It is an exquisite and exclusive gift that will last you a lifetime.

There is no mother or grandmother who can resist one of our dolls!

Gifts for mothers and for Mother’s Day

Mother, there is only one ... and she deserves everything. Choosing a gift for her on Mother's Day, or any other occasion, is something that is done with a lot of love. Las muñecas deRoser is an original and very classy gift that will show Mom how much you love her.

Dolls for Mom!

People of all ages like Roser's dolls. They are dolls for mommies of any age. Even for our grandmothers!

best present for mom and mothers day handmade doll

You can buy a doll from Roser in our online store and we will take it home packed with love in a strong and resistant cardboard box, designed not to damage it and to arrive in perfect condition at your home ... or your mom's.

In addition, you also have the option to order a personalized deRoser doll made especially for your mother. You can decide if you want her to look like you, your mother, or just order a dream handmade doll.

mothers day present gift customized doll

best present for mom and mothers day deroser handmade doll

Customized dolls for mothers
and for Mother’s Day

You can customize your deRoser handmade dool and choose her name and hobby, as well as its main physical characteristics, such as eye color, hair color, hairstyle, skin color and dress. You can customize your doll for Mother's Day to your liking or choosing the tastes of your mother.

Surprise the whole family with a unique gift. You will make Mother's Day unforgettable for her.

rug customized dolls for mothers day and granmother gift

You can customize your deRoser doll in every detail.
Give a custom deRoser doll on Mother’s Day.

Personalize your handmade doll !

Customized handmade dolls for mom

As you know, deRoser's dolls are made entirely by hand and one by one. Once you place your order, it will take approximately a week to create it and a few days to send it to you. Do not forget to send us the name and hobby of your deRoser handmade doll.

If you need an idea, or want to see other deRoser dolls, check out our gallery. Here you can see all the dolls that are available, and also deRoser dolls that are already in their new home.

rug customized dolls for mothers day and granmother gift

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