las muñecas



Just as every one of us, deRoser dolls are uniques. No two are alike. Every one of them have their own personality, and a lot of work and care have been put into their making.



We are handcrafted dolls, not just toys, so little kids should treat us kindly.



You cannot wash us in the washing machine but you can clean us with a wet cloth from time to time.



We arrive to your home in our own box, and we tell you our name and what are our favorite hobbies.


las muñecas

Her name is Roser, and she has always liked arts and crafts, since she was a kid. At school, it was one of her favourite subjects and she was always happy creating, drawing and building things.

Later, because of college, the first Jobs and responsabilities, she had to make an stop in her hobby. When her children were born she resumed it and since then, she has made spaceships, light houses, baskets, masks, hats and a lot of projects with them.

Finally it was the moment to start her own Project, and although she didn´t know exactly where it was going to lead her, it was clear for her that it would be something handmade related.

And after a long test period, doubts, mistakes and accomplishments . . .

We were made!

We know that she leaves a bit of herself in all of us, but we also know that it makes her happy that you choose us to take us home.

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